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  • The Benefits Of Rise Recline Chairs

    A riser/recline chair is an electric powered armchair allowing the user to lift them into a standing position, or safely lower them into a seated, position. Riser recliner chairs are an ideal aid for those with mobility issues, who find getting out of their chair difficult. We’ve listed the top 5 benefits of riser recliner chairs.

    1. Provides different sitting positions

    If you use a wheelchair, you will know that sitting in the same position all day can be painful on your body, leaving you with unwanted aches and pains. Riser recliner chairs allow you to comfortably lay or sit in a range of positions, without having to move from the chair.

    2. Reduced risk of pressure sores

    Staying in the same seated or lying position for extended periods of time can lead to pressure sores, which can be extremely painful and take a long time to heal with risks of infection.

    A riser recliner chair provides the option to alter your position, taking pressure off various parts of your body. This reduces the risk of developing pressure sores, and will be more comfortable for your body.

    3.Made to measure for a great fit

    Made-to-measure riser recliner chairs can be built to fit the exact dimensions of your body, ensuring the most comfortable position for you at all times. For example, the ideal chair should allow you to sit with your feet flat on the floor, thighs level, with legs at a 90 degree angle. Arm rests should support your arms below the elbow comfortably, with supportive but soft cushions. These factors can be important in ensuring your chair is comfortable for you to sit and relax in, and made-to-measure riser recliners guarantee you’ll have the right size for you.

    4. Improved body circulation

    People with mobility problems can find it difficult to keep their body moving, which can often lead to several health problems, including poor circulation in the limbs. Riser recliner chairs provide the ability to shift positions at the touch of a button, ensuring that your joints and body can adjust positions comfortably to improve the overall circulation to your body.

    5. Aids sitting & standing

    Riser recliner chairs are designed to assist you standing up, or sitting down. This can be extremely useful to those with disabilities or mobility issues, wherein this seemingly easy task can cause great difficulty and discomfort. Our riser recliner chairs are designed for your comfort, lifting you safely into standing or lowering you into a seated position at the touch of a button.

    We provide a wide range of riser recliner chairs here at Planet Mobility, from a variety of manufacturers, so we’re sure to have a style to suit your needs and your budget.

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