• Travelling with your scooter

    When travelling with your scooter there are a lot of options available to you. From electronic folding scooters to lightweight split down scooters there is something available for everyone.

    If space is an issue then a electronic folding scooter could be the answer. These scooters fold up into the size of a suitcase at the push of a button. These products normally have light weight lithium batteries but be aware that although these products fold up to a small size you need to be able to lift the whole scooter in to whichever transport you have. This can be easily lifted by an able bodied reasonably strong person but if you are elderly or disabled you would probably need a boot lift to get it in the car. The other option is a light weight travel scooter that splits down into five pieces. These are very easy to split down into five pieces in about thirty seconds and the heaviest part is normally around 12 kilos. These fit into most cars for transportation and are coach, train and aircraft friendly.

    We offer a full range of both types of products and are able to offer bootlift fitting if required.