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    When walking aids are no longer an Option

    When walking aids are no longer an Option

    For some people the daily struggle to walk can become intolerable and the time taken to get from A to B can be too long. Here are a few pointers that might help when choosing an option to overcome this issue and help with day to day moving around.

    Self Propelled Manual Wheelchair

    This is where the user can propel themselves using the large wheels on the side. It does require a certain amount of upper body strength and the chairs are available in a light weight Alumnium to make it easy for transporting. These chairs are also available with quick release wheels for ease of transportation.

    Attendant Propelled Manual wheelchair

    This type of chair also known as a transit wheelchair is also available in lightweight Aluminium and is to be pushed from behind by a family member or carer. They tend to come with smaller wheels for ease of transportation and are very light to lift.

    Powered Wheelchair

    This chair has a battery pack and can be used by the client using a joystick control at the front. Some Power chairs have detachable batteries and can be split down for transportation. These chairs are also available with Attendant control so can be operated from behind the chair by a carer or they are also available in dual control enabling the use to be switched between user and carer.

    For more information on Powered Wheelchairs please call us at anytime.