• Where are you allowed to use your mobility scooter / Powered Wheelchair.

    Mobility scooters and Powered Wheelchairs are split into two main classes. Class 2 and Class 3. If you own a Class 2 product then it will be limited to a maximum of 4mph and can only be driven on the pavement or in shopping centres. It can be used to cross the road but not driven along the road.

    If you own a Class 3 scooter or powered wheelchair then you can drive it on either the road at up to 8 mph or on the pavement or shopping centres up to a maximum of 4 mph.

    If you own a Class 3 product it will need the following to be driven on the road ;

     Lights and indicators, a Mirror, a secondary brake, and a high low switch enabling it to be changed between 4mph and 8 mph mode.

    You do not need to register a Class 2 product with the DVLA but you will need to register a Class 3 product. You do not however need to display number plates. If you require help to register your product we will be happy to assist you.

    You can use a Class 3 machine on any road with the exception of a Motorway. If you wish to use it on a dual carriageway then you would need a large visable amber flashing light on a pole behind the scooter.

    You are not allowed to use a mobility scooter in a bus lane or in a cycle lane.

    The minimum age to drive a Class 3 product is 14.

    There is no legal requirement  to insure a mobility scooter although we would strongly advise customers to do so.